EBI 310 DI PDF Temperature Data Logger

Precise temperature measurements in dry ice

EBI 310 DI Multi-Use PDF Data Logger for dry ice measurements

Product Description

For transport and storage monitoring.
• Tamper proof
• Easy use through automatic PDF report
  generation, direct USB readout and
• Minimize training costs and user
  errors through simple, easy to use
• Eliminate costly and time consuming
  IQ/OQ procedures through standard
  reporting process
• Reduce IT costs with due to the
  standardized software
• GMP, pharmaceutical law compliant;
  EN 12830, ATP, VO (EG) 37/205
  compliant 21 CFR Part 11 conform

Part No.: 1340-6338

Technical data

Measuring range -30 °C...+75 °C Probe -85 °C...+50 °C
Accuracy ±0,2 °C (-30 °C…+30 °C) ±0,5 °C for the remaining measuring range Probe ±1.0 °C (-85 °C… -20°C) ±0.2 °C (-20 °C… +50 °C)
Storage temperature -40 °C...+85 °C
Memory 120.000 measured data
Sample Rate 1 sec. - 24 h.
Probe PT 1000, L: 50 mm, Ø: 5 mm, blunt
Cable Cable length: 60 cm waterproof, oilproof and food safe
Measured variables Temperature
IP Rating IP65
Battery CR 2450, 3 V
Dimensions 100 x 33x 14 mm
Certificate Factory calibration certificate


  1. Winlog.basic Software

    Winlog.basic Software

    Free Software
    Part No. 1340-2375
  2. Winlog.light Software

    Winlog.light Software

    Universal Software for ebro data loggers
    Part No. 1340-2354
  3. Winlog.pro Software

    Winlog.pro Software

    Winlog.pro - The general software for programming and evaluation of ebro data loggers

    Part No. 1340-2355


  1. Additional calibration point

    Additional calibration point

    Additional calibration point ISO
    Part No. 1020-3599
  2. ISO-Calibration


    ISO- Calibration
    Part No. 1020-3586
  3. DAkkS calibration

    DAkkS calibration

    DAkkS calibration
    Part No. 1020-3686
  4. Additional calibrationpoint DAkkS

    Additional calibrationpoint DAkkS

    Additional calibrationpoint DAkkS
    Part No. 1020-3699