Data acquisition in the event of an accident 

For the standard-compliant operation of washer-disinfectors, the recording of all process faults in each individual batch is mandatory. If this cannot be ensured, the operator must switch to another independent test method or take his RUMED or parts of it out of operation.   A simple possibility of batch control is offered by the following product compilation, which should not be missing in any RUMED.  As part of an average concept, the use of data loggers can ensure standard compliant monitoring and the RUMED can continue to operate. Depending on the size of the RUMED but of course also based on the risk assessment, one or more such sets should be available.   

Your Benefits are:          
  Normative reprocessing despite average through independent measuring system
•  No network infrastructure required, as data acquisition and evaluation takes place on a single workstation computer
• Calibrated measuring system
TÜV certified evaluation software  

An accident set should contain the following: 




EBI 12-TP237

For measuring the temperature and rinsing pressure in the WD. It can also be used in the steam



SI 2150

Software and interface set, consisting of the TÜV certified Software Winlog.med and the Interface IF 150

AL 101

Silikone protection box


For checking the water quality of the last rinsing water, measurement of conductivity

PHX 800

For checking the water quality of the last rinsing water, measurement of the pH value

AL 128

Storage and transport case

AL 1100

Foam insert


EBI 12-T222
Versatile validation logger
For final inspection after the repair, but also for validation.
EBI 12-TP237
Data logger for Routine control
to measure in WD's and steam sterilizers
Basic Conductivity Tester
Double affi chage
EBI 16
Electronic Bowie&Dick-Test
in accordance to ISO 11140-4