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  • SL 3101

    SL 3101

    Validation-Set for validation of large steam sterilizers
    for large steam sterilizers
  • EBI 16

    EBI 16

    Bowie Dick Test Data Logger
    according to the norms EN 285 / ISO 17665
  • EBI 12-T470 

    EBI 12-T470 

    Temperature Data Logger
    Flexible cable probes
  • EBI 11-T237

    EBI 11-T237

    Mini-Temperature Logger
    Rigid blunt metal probe
  • RM 100

    RM 100

    Room climate monitor
    Objective evaluation of the room climate
  • TFX 422C-60

    TFX 422C-60

    Conformity Certified Laboratory Thermometer
    with fixed Pt 1000 probe
  • TFX 410-1

    TFX 410-1

    Precision Core Thermometer
    for various Pt 1000 probes
  • TLC 750i

    TLC 750i

    Dual-Infrared / Fold-Back-Thermometer
    with foldable penetration probe and infrared sensor
  • EBI 300

    EBI 300

    PDF Temperature Data Logger
    Standard version
Set Descending Direction
9 Item(s)