Refractometer DR-22

Measurement of concentration: Salinity (NaCI)

Digitale Hand-Refractometer

Product Description

The digital refractometers determine the concentration of various matters, which are solved in fluid or semisolid substances. They have two decisive advantages to the common, optical refractometers. Thanks to the internal light, they can be used independent from the ambient light. In addition, they calculate and show the measurement values automatically in the display - no reading or converting a scale is necessary any more!
• Ergonomic design 
• Wide application scope 
• Single and duo scale models 
• Zero calibration with distilled
• Shallow prism dish

Part No.: 1340-5657

Technical data

Measuring range 0-28
Accuracy ±0.2
Resolution 0.1
Operating Temperature 5 °C...40 °C
Storage temperature -10 °C...+60 °C
Sample Rate 2 Sek.
Measured variables Salinity
IP Rating IP65
Battery 3 V 2 x AAA (LR03)
Battery lifetime 10.000 readings (minimun)
Dimensions 115 mm x 54 mm x 30 mm
Weight ca. 85 g
Certificate Factory calibration certificate