Folding Thermometers

The ebro® folding thermometers are suitable for monitoring temperatures quickly and precisely, as is required in incoming goods departments, for food distribution, for catering companies and for the food industry and trade, but also for monitoring temperatures in cold-storage warehouses or laboratories. The foldable penetration probes are used to measure the core temperature of food in particular. Thanks to the folding mechanism, the devices easily fit any trouser or jacket pocket. All models are high-precision devices, robust, shock-resistant and have a long battery life. They are conforming to the DIN 13485 standard. The TLC 750i model is additionally equipped with an infrared sensor to measure the surface temperature of objects.

TLC 750i
Dual-Infrared / Fold-Back-Thermometer
with foldable penetration probe and infrared sensor
TLC 1598
Fold-Back Thermometer
with foldable Pt 1000 penetration probe and high accuracy
TLC 700
Folding Thermometer
with foldable penetration probe
Dual HACCP-Thermometer
for HACCP compliant control and documentation
TLC 750 BT
Dual Radio Thermometer
for the efficient collection and documentation of measurement data