A wide range of handheld instruments that are suitable for the connection of various sensors, covers your needs in the field of process control and incoming goods inspection. Highly accurate ebro® data loggers monitor the temperature and humidity during transport and storage in order to ensure the consistent high quality of vaccines, drugs and other raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry. All ebro software products for programming and reading out the data loggers meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and help you comply with the strict statutory regulations and guidelines.

EBI 20-T1
Temperature Data Logger
with internal temperature sensor
EBI 300
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger
Standard version
EBI 20-TH1
Standard Temperature / Humidity Data Logger
with internal humidity sensor
TTX 110
Core Thermometer Thermocouple Type T
Thermocouple thermometer with fixed probe
TLC 1598
Fold-Back Thermometer
with foldable Pt 1000 penetration probe and high accuracy
EBI 20-TE1
Standard Temperature Data Logger
with external probe
EBI 20-T1 Set
(temperature logger, evaluation software, interface)
EBI 25-T
Temperature Data Logger with Radio Technology
with internal temperature sensor
TFX 410-1
Precision Core Thermometer without Probe
for various Pt 1000 probes
EBI 20-WM-1
EBI 20-TH1-Set
(Logger, Evaluation software, Interface)
TFX 422C-60
Conformity Certified Laboratory Thermometer
with fixed Pt 1000 probe
TFI 550
with NiCr-Ni connection
TFN 520
Thermometer for Thermocouples
1-channel high accuracy thermocouple thermometer
TFH 610
with fixed humidity probe
TFX 420
Precision Core Thermometer
with MIN/MAX and hold options
EBI 12-T221
Temperature Data Logger
Bendable metal probe
Wireless Data Logger
for high and low temperatures
TMX 310
Refrigerator Thermometer with tripel display
Min/Max Thermometer with one external probe
TPH 400
External capacitive humidity probe
Relative humidity monitoring in storages and during transport
SL 3001
for washer-disinfectors
EBI 16
Bowie Dick Test Data Logger
according to the norms EN 285 / ISO 17665
TPX 220 Probe
Measurement of high and low temperatures