For the industrial area ebro® offers various handheld instruments and data loggers for measuring temperature, pressure and humidity. Please learn more about our extensive product range in the categories vehicle, refrigeration/climate, production and maintenance/repair.

EBI 300
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger
Standard version
EBI 25-T
Temperature Data Logger with Radio Technology
with internal temperature sensor
TFN 520
Thermometer for Thermocouples
1-channel high accuracy thermocouple thermometer
TFI 550
with connection for thermo elements type K
TFH 610
with fixed humidity probe
TPX 220 Probe
Measurement of high and low temperatures
EBI 40 TC-01
Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger
for type K thermocouple sensors
TFH 620 + TPH 100
with MIN/MAX and hold options
EBI 300 TE
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger with external temperature probe
fast, flexible core temperature measurements
PHT 810
with automatic pH calibration
TPX 300
Probes for TFX 410-1 / TFX 420
Pt 1000 Probe (with Lemosa size 0)
TPC 300H
Fast, flexible core temperature measurements
EBI 40
Wall bracket
Pressure logger for pasteurization control
EBI 11-TP110
to measure inside the bottle
RM 100
room climate monitor CO2 meter for air quality measuring
With an increasing CO2 value, both the productive efficiency and the coziness decline, while the virus load rises. The room climate monitor RM 100 helps evaluating the quality of the room climate objectively. So you know exactly when you need to ventilate your office, medical practice or classroom.
TPH 500
External capacitive humidity probe
Relative humidity monitoring in storages and during transport
EBI 300 TH
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger
Relative humidity monitoring in storages and during transports
Wireless Data Logger
for high and low temperatures
EBI 310 TH
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger
relative humidity monitoring in storages and during transports
TFX 430
Precision Thermometer without probe
Reference thermometer with exchangeable Pt 100 probe
EBI 310
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger
high precision version
2-channel high accuracy thermocouple thermometer
TPX 310
Replacement adapter for EBI 310 TX