ebro® offers handheld instruments for many tasks like measuring the temperature, pressure, oil quality, pH, salinity, Brix and many more. Among these are instruments for core and surface measurements, measuring devices with folding penetration probes, with sensors and cables as well as instruments that are suitable for connecting different NiCr-Ni sensors by Lemo or SMP connections. Here you will find the right device for your application.

TLC 750i-V2
Dual-Infrared / Fold-Back-Thermometer
with foldable penetration probe and infrared sensor
EB 4401
Food Inspection Case
for inspecting food preparation, storage and transport, for hygiene
EBI 20-T1
Temperature Data Logger
with internal temperature sensor
EBI 20-TE1
Temperature Logger Set
EBI 20-TE1
Standard Temperature Data Logger
with external probe
Wireless Data Logger (without probe)
for high and low temperatures
Temperature Data Logger with Radio Technology
with external probe
EBI 300 TE
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger with external temperature probe
fast, flexible core temperature measurements
EBI 310 TX
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger
Temperature monitoring in storages and during transport, process monitoring
FOM 330 BT
Food Oil Monitor Set
with signal lamp
HACCP-Food Oil Monitor
with signal lamp
FOM 330-1
Food Oil Monitor Set
with signal lamp
FOM 330-4
Testeur d’Huile
avec une lampe de signal
GFX 460
Contact Thermometer
with fixed stainless steel Pt 1000 probe
GFX 460-B
Electronic Contact Thermometer
for replaceable Pt 100 probes
digital handheld refractometer
OPTi digital handheld refractometer with an onboard library of 50 scales
PHT 810
pH meter
with automatic pH calibration
PHT 830 Set 1
with temperature compensation
RM 100
room climate monitor CO2 meter for air quality measuring
With an increasing CO2 value, both the productive efficiency and the coziness decline, while the virus load rises. The room climate monitor RM 100 helps evaluating the quality of the room climate objectively. So you know exactly when you need to ventilate your office, medical practice or classroom.
SSX 210
Salt meter set
with gold-plated electrodes probe
TDC 110
with spare battery
TDC 150
with fast response time
TFE 510
Thermometer without probe
with fast response time
TFE 510 + TPE 400
with fast response time