Thermomètres infrarouges

With the ebro® infrared thermometers, it is possible to precisely measure the temperature of objects without having to make contact with them. Precise results can thus also be achieved from a distance. In its devices, ebro® also combines infrared surface measurements with other additional functions, which means that the thermometers can be used in many areas. Devices equipped with penetration probes can additionally measure the core temperature.

TLC 750i
Thermomètre Pliable Double à Infrarouge
Thermomètre pliable double à infrarouge avec pointeur laser
TFI 54
Thermomètre infrarouge
avec boîtier étanche aux projections d’eau
TFI 260
Thermomètre Infrarouge Standard
with 8-point-laserpointer
TFI 550
Thermomètre Infrarouge Double
avec connexion NiCr-Ni
TLC 750 BT
Dual Radio Thermometer
for the efficient collection and documentation of measurement data
Dual HACCP-Thermometer
for HACCP compliant control and documentation