The process validation provides reproducible evidence that a process permanently leads to the required results. A validation provides clear evidence that procedures, processes, equipment, materials, work steps, machines and devices used actually lead to the expected results. Here you will find data loggers that are suitable for use in validation.
SL 3111
Validación de esterilizadores de vapor
for large steam sterilizers
Registrador de validación de temperatura
EBI 11-T235
Validation logger for temperature measurement in the doctors surgeries
Temperature validation logger
EBI 11-T236
Validation logger for temperature measurement in the doctors surgeries
Registrador de validación
EBI 12-TP231
highliy accurate data logger to measure temperature and pressure
Registrador de validación
EBI 12-T220
Bendable probe for placement in steam sterilizer drain
Validation logger to measure in steam sterilizer
EBI 12-T441
bendable sensor for placement in cavities
Registrador de validación con tiempo de respuesta rápido
EBI 11-T240
Validation logger with fast response time for use where space is limited
Registrador de validación versátil
EBI 12-T222
For final inspection after the repair, but also for validation.
Registrador de presión de precisión
EBI 12-TP290
high precision pressure measurement down to 0.1 mbar
Mini registrador de presión para validación
EBI 11-P111
Mini validation pressure data logger to messure in steam sterilizers and Washer disinfectors.
Registrador de datos para control de rutina
EBI 12-TP237
to measure in WD's and steam sterilizers