Esterilización sistemática

AEMP (reprocessing unit for medical devices, formerly CSSD)

SL 1521
Supervisión de esterilizadores de vapor
for steam sterilizers certified according to ISO 11140-4
SL 1011
For temperature monitoring and A 0 value calculation in bedpan washers
EBI 16
EBI 16
in accordance to ISO 11140-4
EBI 12-TP237
Registrador de datos para control de rutina
to measure in WD's and steam sterilizers
EBI 11-P111
Mini registrador de presión para validación
Mini validation pressure data logger to messure in steam sterilizers and Washer disinfectors.
EBI 12-T101
EBI 12-T101
EBI 12-T101
EBI 12-T237
Registrador de temperatura para la pasteurización
Temperature data logger for Pasteurization
EBI 12-TP231
Registrador de validación
highliy accurate data logger to measure temperature and pressure
EBI 12-T240
Registrador de validación
Validation logger to measure in steam sterilizer
EBI 12-T100
Registrador de datos de temperatura versátil
Versatile temperature data logger
EBI 12-T222
Registrador de validación versátil
For final inspection after the repair, but also for validation.
EBI 12-T220
Registrador de validación
Bendable probe for placement in steam sterilizer drain
Tester de conductibilidad
Double affi chage