EBI 16 Electronic Bowie&Dick-Test

Product number: 1340-6697

in accordance to ISO 11140-4

The EBI 16 forms together with the evaluation software Winlog.med an easy to use and reliable electronic measurement system. This allows implementing a comprehensive routine control of steam sterilizers by means of the alternative Bowie&Dick-Test according to EN 285 / DIN EN ISO 17665. In addition to checking the penetration of steam, the relevant sterilization parameters are also checked. A vacuum test can also be carried out with this device. The EBI 16 is designed to ensure the use of 1,000 cycles or 3 years without calibration or service.


  • Reliable: clear, reproducible measurement results
  • Accurate: high-resolution graphical cycle display
  • Secure: digital data recording and storage
  • Easy: to use and evaluate

  • daily BD Test in the RUMED
  • patient safety


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Data memory
6,960 measurement values
Pt 1,000, piezoresistive pressure sensor
aprox, 500 g
± 0.1°C, ± 15 mbar
Protection class
90 mm x 150 mm
0.01°C, 1 mbar
Factory calibration certificate
Measured variables
Temperature, pressure
1 s
Lithium cell (3,6 V), replaceable
Measuring range
0 °C ... +150 °C, 1 mbar ... 4.000 mbar
Storage temperature
-20 °C … +70 °C
  • 1-port Interface IF 150
    Software Winlog.med
    USB connection Colored
    LEDs signaling programming, readout and incorrect development

    Product number: 1340-6193
  • for opening the data logger, e.g. for battery change. The set consists of 2 parts

    Product number: 1100-0131
  • ISO 11140-4 Sterilization of health care products
  • 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive - RED

NEW: Information package "Professional data loggers"

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