Transport / Storage

EBI 20-T1
Temperature Data Logger
with internal temperature sensor
EBI 300
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger
Standard version
TDC 150
with fast response time
EBI 20-TH1
Standard Temperature / Humidity Data Logger
with internal humidity sensor
TTX 110
Core Thermometer Thermocouple Type T
Thermocouple thermometer with fixed probe
EBI 20-TE1
Standard Temperature Data Logger
with external probe
EBI 20-T1 Set
Temperature Logger Set
EBI 25-T
Temperature Data Logger with Radio Technology
with internal temperature sensor
TFX 410
Core Thermometer
with fixed Pt 1000 probe
TFX 410-1
Core Thermometer without Probe
for various Pt 1000 probes
EBI 20-TH1
Temperature-Humidity Data Logger Set
TFI 550
with connection for thermo elements type K
EBI 20-TE1
Temperature Logger Set
TFE 510 + TPE 400
with fast response time
TLC 750i
Dual-Infrared / Fold-Back-Thermometer
with foldable penetration probe and infrared sensor
TPC 300
Fast, flexible core temperature measurements
TFH 610
with fixed humidity probe
SSX 210
Salt meter set
with gold-plated electrodes probe
TLC 700
Folding Thermometer
with foldable penetration probe
EBI 40 TC-01
Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger
for type K, T thermocouple sensors
ST 1000
pH meter Set
with automatic pH calibration