Penetration Thermometer

TLC 750i
Dual-Infrared / Fold-Back-Thermometer
with foldable penetration probe and infrared sensor
TFX 410
Core Thermometer
with fixed Pt 1000 probe
TLC 700
Folding Thermometer
with foldable penetration probe
TFN 520
Thermometer for Thermocouples
1-channel high accuracy thermocouple thermometer
TDC 110
with spare battery
TFX 420
Precision Core Thermometer
with MIN/MAX and hold options
Wireless Data Logger (without probe)
for high and low temperatures
EBI 310 TX
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger
Temperature monitoring in storages and during transport, process monitoring
TTX 200
Core Thermometer Thermocouple Type T
with fixed probe with cable and handle
EBI 20-TE1
Standard Temperature Data Logger
with external probe
Temperature Data Logger with Radio Technology
with external probe
TLC 750 BT
Dual Radio Thermometer
for the efficient collection and documentation of measurement data
TFX 430
Precision Thermometer without probe
Reference thermometer with exchangeable Pt 100 probe
TFN 520 EX
Thermometer for Thermocouples without probe
1-channel high accuracy thermometer for EX-areas
TDC 150
with fast response time
TFX 410-1
Core Thermometer without Probe
for various Pt 1000 probes
TFX 430 + TPX 130
Precision Thermometer
Reference thermometer with exchangeable Pt 100 probe
TFE 510 + TPE 400
with fast response time
EBI 300 TE
Multi-Use PDF Data Logger with external temperature probe
fast, flexible core temperature measurements