RM 100 room climate monitor CO2 meter for air quality measuring

Product number: 1348-0001

With an increasing CO2 value, both the productive efficiency and the coziness decline, while the virus load rises. The room climate monitor RM 100 helps evaluating the quality of the room climate objectively. So you know exactly when you need to ventilate your office, medical practice or classroom.

Your advantages when using the RM 100 CO2 meter:
・ Objective evaluation of the room climate
・ Measurement of well-being
・ Reduction of viral load through timely ventilation
・ Increased performance through improvement of the room climate
・ Reduction of the risk of respiratory diseases

Features of the RM 100 CO2 meter
・ Large illuminated display
・ Simultaneous measurement of air temperature, humidity
     and CO
2 content
・ Acoustic alarm when the limit value is exceeded
・ Calibration certificate as proof of accurate and safe operation

In December 2021, Stiftung Warentest published results on the test of
26 CO2 meter and CO2 traffic lights.  
View test results

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Factory calibration certificate (CO2: 0 ppm, 1.000 ppm and 3.000 ppm)
USB or 5V-Adapter (included)
Measuring range
CO2: 0 ... 3000ppm Temperature: 0°C ... +50°C Humidity: 20% ... 90% rH
Storage temperature
-20°C ... +60°C