SL 3111 Validation-Set for validation of large steam sterilizers

for large steam sterilizers

The set contains:

  • 5 x EBI 12-T441 Temperature data loggers
  • 1 x EBI 12-TP226 Temperature/ pressure data logger with AL 101 silicone protection box
  • EBI IF 200, 4-port Interface with USB connection and antenna
  • Software Winlog.validation
  • Carrying case „SYSTAINER“

Product number: 1250-3111
  • This data logger is often used for thermal measurement during validation. Its two 500 mm long bendable metal probes provide maximum flexibility in temperature probe placement.

    • large measuring range
    • bendable metal probe
    • high accuracy
    • Realtime data transmission
    • wireless measurement

    • Validation logger for temperature measurement in the steam sterilizer, WD and endoscope washer


    Product number:: 1340-6629
  • Validation logger for thermal testing of processes with steam sterilizers. The logger is characterized by its bendable metal probes. The very thin temperature sensors with a diameter of 1.5 mm at the sensor tip enable a very fast response time. The data logger is often used for temperature measurement in the sterilizer drain with simultaneous pressure measurement.


    • bendable metal probe
    • high accuracy
    • Realtime data transmission
    • fast response time
    • sterilizable data logger

    • Validation logger for Measurement in the steam sterilizer, WD and endoscope washer
    • Measurement in the drain of the steam sterilizer.


    Product number:: 1340-6657
  • For transport of systainers Fixed seat of the systainers on the trolley
    Product number:: 1248-0127
  • • TÜV certified
    • User-friendly
    • High precision measurements
    • Automatic report generation
    • Automatic user-defined calculations
    • Automatic identification of process cycles
    • Creation of user-defined masters for spezific devices and
    • Three-dimensional demonstration of sensor placement or placement
      of the sensors directly on an application image possible
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11

    Product number:: 1340-2363
  • • Enables real-time monitoring with wireless data loggers
    • Formula editor for calculating the F0-value of the absolute humidity,
       the PE value etc.
    • Display oft the timeline either absolute or relative
    • Customized definition of individual areas possible (with their
    statistics and calculations)
    • Including calibration tool for data loggers
    • Integration of pictures and graphics into reports possible
    • IQ/OQ documentation to qualify the system is available
    Product number:: 1340-2355